10 Tips for Buying a House

The Kenyan real estate market is a very nice place to be. It is supportive […]

Of Varying Prices: 12 Reasons why Property Prices Change

Different houses are priced the same despite the similarities there might be. Prices will vary […]

13 Professionals in Real Estate: Who Does What?

No matter how self reliant you think you are, you will definitely not be able […]

Guide to Building: How To Suffer Less

Building a house for you and your family will not be an easy fete. You […]

REITs: Layman’s Understanding

Real estate investment is not just a reserve for the already well established and financially […]

12 Questions to Ask Before Buying Land

Land is very scarce, especially in Nairobi. Within the city, you will get a single […]

Horror Stories: Terrible Experiences in Real Estate

As a player in real estate, there are times when you will experience some terrible […]

11 Money-Saving Tips for Nairobi Residents

To survive in Nairobi, you have to learn the simple art of money management. At […]

15 Exciting Things to Keep You Busy During Lockdown

Have you ever had to spend weeks, sometimes months at home with nothing to do […]

Understanding Commercial Renting in Kenya

There are stark differences between commercial and residential real estate. To begin with, commercial real […]


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