Despite your best intentions not to judge people based on your own perception of them, you will always put some neighbors in specific boxes. This actually helps in how you interact with each kind of neighbor. Using this list, you should also discern the kind of neighbor you are. You might want to change or tone it down a tad.


This kind of neighbor is always paying attention to what everyone else is doing. This is common with house wives. This kind of neighbor will know who Zack on the second floor has been keeping around for the weekend. They will also know that Shiru on fourth was dropped of by a big car late at night. You will often wonder how this person has the time to gather so much information about everyone. Pay very little attention to this kind of person.


This person is always out of things. They are always borrowing salt, sugar, a tomato among others. How can one person always be out of something all the time? It has got to be some kind of talent, right? One common trait about these kinds of neighbors is that they almost always never give back the things they borrow. You will be scrambling to get dressed in the morning only to realize you cannot iron your shirt because the neighbor did not bring back your iron box. Another trait is that the one day you forget to buy salt and deign to borrow from them, everyone in the building will know about it. They will also demand that you replace the salt once you buy your own.


Even in buildings where there is a sense of community in that everyone knows everyone and people hang out, there is always that one guy who always seems out of place. A person who just sits at the corner and watches everyone. They may always be present but they never participate. They never get visitors. They may just be quiet but a person who never gets visitors is a little weird. This kind of neighbor will be made weirder by the nosy and/or the gossip. Do not alienate this person. Some people need a little more coaxing before they can venture out of their shell.


If you want anything kept quiet keep your distance from this kind of neighbor. You will confide in them, they will confide in everyone else. They always have tidbits about other people. You will find it interesting. They will use crumbs to get information out of you to go tell others. Therefore, if you find yourself getting some gossip from a neighbor, expect that whatever you say will be shared with someone else. If you are too careful not to share anything, they will extrapolate the little they get and run with it.


This kind of neighbor keeps to themselves. They lock themselves in their house. They never greet people on the stairs. Even the gossip has trouble getting information about his person. You are tempted to think this person is a snob but you do not want to feel judgmental. Everyone speculates about this neighbor. Everyone guesses but they are always wrong. In some cases, it even seems like the caretaker knows nothing about this neighbor. They pay on time. They do not attract attention but then again they do. Keep your distance but remain relatively approachable.


Ever met those people who try way too hard to be your friend? Almost every building has this kind of neighbor. Someone who hangs onto another neighbor despite their advances being unwelcome and never leaves. They will constantly share chapos with you. They will always want to visit and nag you to visit them. It might not sound bad but if you would not understand until you are in the sights of an overfriendly neighbor. In some cases, they may genuinely want to be your friend but maybe they should be a little less enthusiastic. Deactivate themselves a little bit.


Partying is by no means a bad thing. However, as the gossip will tell you this kind of neighbor is going to harm themselves with all the late nights and the alcohol. This person always has people over at his place playing loud music, drinking among other things. If their house is quiet then either they are not home or they are passed out drunk. In some cases, you never really know who pays rent in that house. There is very high traffic.

Rule Breaker

In life there are people who pride themselves in living out of the box. Here is the thing, the box is not entirely unnecessary. Sometimes it keeps the peace. In every building there is always that person who plays extra loud music. The same person who will cast your wet clothes aside to hang their own. This person always seems to be spoiling for a fight. In some cases, this type and the above are one and the same.


Then there is that one neighbor that you always seem to be on the same page with. The kind who gives you space if you are the loner or stranger type. They will lend you salt if you need it. You always feel like you have a connection.

Busy Bee

They are always working or out doing whatever it is they do with themselves. This person is never home. They come home under the cloak of darkness and leave before the cloak lifts. They are always asking someone to get their clothes from the line so they are not lost or rained on. Then it will be two days before they come by to pick the clothes up.

You need your neighbors. If not all at least pick one. Always find your kindred spirit among all of them. What kind of neighbor are you? What kinds of neighbors do you have?