Animals are wonderful companions. They bring joy and light to people’s lives. However, in some cases living with them may be animal cruelty regardless of how much you love them. You must therefore take care of three important factors that determine successful and happy living with a pet in a rental. The first is that you must prevent all instances of damage by the pet. The other is keeping noises like incessant barking to a minimum while the last is facilitating positive reception of the pet by the neighbors. The important thing to remember is that living with the animal in the rental should not be cruel neither should it be disruptive to everyone else.

The most common pets are cats and dogs. Cats seem to be easier to live with in rentals than dogs. Cats are tiny and will only eat the neighbor’s meat if a window is left open. They will also not be unnecessarily aggressive. However, dogs can be well behaved too. As long as the animal is adequately cared for and happy then they will not tick everyone off.

In addition to companionship, a pet will encourage you to be active as they will require walks and fresh air. You will also have security if your pet is a dog. Your house will also be free of rodents. These will be common especially if your neighbor has an aversion to disposing of their trash.


You must be upfront about it as soon as you start to engage with the landlord. The landlord should know if you are bringing in an animal to live in the building. This way they will decide whether or not that is something they can allow in their building. They will also find out if the neighbors will mind it. In the same spirit you should also let the landlord know what you plan on doing to ensure the pet does not disrupt everyone’s life.

Pet Friendly House

As you look for a place to rent, you should have the animal in mind. If you are aiming for a bedsitter then is it really smart to live with a pet in such a small dwelling? You should favor houses that have tiled floors as they will be easier to clean when the pet has a bit of an accident. Also find a place with enough floor space for the pet to play around. Keep an eye out for windows that are too low. If you forget to close them when you are leaving then the pet might sneak out and cause issues in the building or even get lost.

Well Fed Pet

You should always keep a bowl of food in a visible and reachable place. If the pet is well fed at all times complete with hydration they will not pillage the neighbors food preserves. This will reduce the instances of complaints by the neighbors. It will also quite possibly keep the noises down to the very minimum. Also, feeding a pet is basic animal care. This is not to mean the pet should be overfed. Just provide enough to nibble on while you are out. Find a way to prevent the bowls from toppling over too.

Pet Needs

Apart from needs, pets need a lot of exercise and play areas. They also need a lot of attention and contact with their owners. This is especially true for cats and some dog breeds. You, as the pet owner must ensure that the pet has all these things. Otherwise, the pet might breach the unit window to find some play or exercise. This is part of ensuring that the pet does not venture into neighbors’ houses and maybe even hurt someone under the assumption of threat.


Pets can be messy. The pet might know where they should do their business but you as the owner must make sure that everything is deposited where it should be. If you take your puppy on a walk and they excrete then pick it up and do the necessary or at least cover it up with soil. The appropriate action will depend on where you live really. If the puppy is walking the halls of the building, check to confirm that they have not left little pieces of crap everywhere. If you have a cat, you should note that they tend to find dead mice for people they like. In the same spirit, keep the animal itself clean. Give it a wash every once in a while and make sure it is groomed.


If someone in the building is complaining about your pet, you have to take it seriously. You should investigate whether there is truth behind it and what can be done. Be very proactive about making sure that your pet is not the bane of anyone’s residency in the building. If people start to complain about your pet you could get evicted or be forced to part with it. If you live among a cruel bunch, they could decide to take matters into their own hands and divest the pet of its life. You yourself should keep a close eye on both the health and behavior of your pet.

In some cases, behavioral issues arise if you are seldom ever home. The pet not only misses its owner but also remains for extended amounts of time without direction from the human. They can fall of the wagon of good behavior and wreak havoc in the building.

Studies have shown that the companionship of a pet is incredibly beneficial to health. You could literally have a longer life by simply having a pet. However, it takes a lot for both human and animal to settle down nicely and happily in a rental. Do your research and make sure you are doing everything necessary to facilitate a cordial relationship between your pet and the community.