When you have children, you must do your best to protect and provide for them. This includes giving them the best possible home you can. Children require protection and an environment that supports their growth and development. That means that you cannot live at the back of a bar with your child where there is noise throughout the night and debauchery. Sometimes being a parent means putting the child before your own self. When you are choosing where to live, you think about your child first. You think about their health and comfort in that house. You think about their safety and security in that place. You think about their development needs. Below are some things to consider about the neighborhood before moving there for the welfare of your child.


This is the number one priority for any parent. They need to know that their child will not fall into a manhole while they play outside. They need to know that their child will not be hit by a car while attempting to retrieve their ball from the road. As a parent, you need to know that your child will not be kidnapped while they play outside. You also need to know that if the child wanders away, they will not access the highway too easily. The child needs to remain in good physical condition. You should look out for hazards to your child’s safety in the neighborhood even before you walk into any building.


Where will your child play? Where will they run around and explore as well as exercise their curiosity? There are a few neighborhoods that allow this kind of luxury. However, you can usually find small slips of space where children run around with balls.  Make sure that the little space available is not next to the road such that the child can run onto the road easily. You can forego this if the building has a courtyard or corridors on which your child can play.

Social life

Children need to hang out with other children. They need to inspire each other’s creativity and curiosity,. Children tend to develop better when they spend playtime with each other. You will find that your child does better in school. They are happier and healthier too. Also, if you find that there are other children in the hood chances are that it will be a good place for your children. Children to play around with your own is a good factor to consider. If there are children around, developers will be prompted to leave spaces for the children to play.


There are some great schools in this town. You have to find good schools for your child right from the foundation level. A neighborhood with good schools, therefore, is going to be a good one for your kid. If there are good schools then chances are that other families will move in and your child will have friends. If there is no space to play, most schools will let the neighborhood children play on the school grounds even on weekends and holidays. Having schools right in the hood also ensures that the child will not have to commute for long to get to class. Some Nairobi children wake up as early as 4 in the morning so they can beat the traffic to get to school on time. They can wake up at reasonable times and be well-rested for lessons.


This is important for anyone. Everyone requires an environment in which they can relax at the end of the day. Imagine having a child who has to be up at 6 in the morning for school having slept through the noise from matatus and drunkards on the roads. That child will be tired. They will be unable to concentrate in class. If the noise is too much, they might even have trouble completing their homework assignments. Your child needs a conducive environment not only to study and complete school work but also to rest and refresh their minds.

Successful future

If you decide to remain in the same neighborhood for an extended length of time, what impact will that have on your child? Will they take up bad behavior and get in with bad crowds? Will they be able to progress academically without veering too far from the hood? Will you be able to upgrade your house within the same hood? Do you see a future for your child in that hood? Remember that as your child grows they will require different amenities. In his or her teens they will need some activities, for example.


Some neighborhoods are very close to factories and industrial areas. This means air pollution. It means the emission of potentially toxic fumes into the air. In some cases, it also means that the factory may have disposed of their waste into the environment. A good example of such a neighborhood is the Athi River area. There have always been reports of children being affected by the fumes from Athi River factories. Even adults can be affected. You should, therefore, avoid places where there are possibilities of adverse effects on health. Salubrity is all about promoting the child’s health. That means no open sewers or swamps in the hood from which the child could contract malaria among other illnesses.

Nairobi Hoods for Kids

Keeping the above in mind, there are some places in Nairobi that are quite near perfect for raising children. They satisfy the above conditions and more. The following list is not to suggest that other neighborhoods would be harmful to children. The list simply provides some guidance on what a good neighborhood for your children would look like.

Embakasi/ Eastlands

This is in reference to the stretch between and including Taj Mall and Umoja. These neighborhoods have some of the best schools. For example Buru Buru Primary, Thomas Burke among others. These schools are fairly affordable too. The area while highly populated tends to be quite safe for children to play. However, still due to the high population it is quite easy for children to be lost. If your child is going to play outside, you should ensure they have adult supervision so they do not get lost in the melee of people. There are also lots of kids. Your child will make many friends.


This is like a touch of the country within the city. You will definitely find that space you need for your children to play. It will be hard for your child to wander off and get lost. There are many families in Syokimau so your child is bound to make lots of friends. The kicker is that there are top-notch schools in the area like St. Bakhita. The only issue is that public schools are scanty in this area. It is also quiet and serene enough for the child to rest up and learn when they need to. Syokimau is consistently developing and should, therefore, be expected to get better and more family-friendly over time.

South B/ Nairobi West

After alighting from a matatu at the shopping center you would not guess that South B is okay for children because of the sheer number of bars. However, the neighborhoods tell a different story. Once you go past this part of the hood, it will be like you have entered a different realm of the same area. The estates are quiet and clean. They are family-friendly and safe. There are good schools like Highway Secondary School and Moi Educational Center in Nairobi West among others. Private schools tend to dominate education resources in this area. However, if you opt for the apartments, you might not have enough space for your child to play.


If you are more into the international curriculum kind of education establishment then this neighborhood is for you. There are numerous international schools in this neighborhood. It is quiet and most of the estates are gated off thus making it safe. This is a high-income neighborhood. Children tend to play only with children they know. However, once your child starts school you should expect invitations to play weekends.


This is yet another high-income neighborhood with access to several international schools. Your child should have a pretty easy time adjusting to this neighborhood. There are some great private schools around. The neighborhood provides a nurturing environment.

Single people tend to avoid the neighborhoods most favored by families. You should therefore not worry that your children are inconveniencing someone who does not understand the propensity of children to scream and run around all day. Most in Nairobi neighborhoods are child-friendly. It is up to you to find one that suits you best. Happy living!