There are great benefits to hiring a moving company as opposed to handling everything by yourself. There is a guarantee that your property will arrive at the destination in one piece. The moving company will provide equipment like sturdy ropes for heavy furniture that cannot be hauled through the stairs. This being a professional job, it means that moving will take much less time and will therefore be a lot less painful.

However, the idea of using moving companies in Nairobi and Kenya at large is relatively novel. The last decade has seen new moving companies crop up all over the Kenyan map. That means that you as the client have more choices. You have to know which questions to ask and which qualities to look for in a moving company. Otherwise, you will pick an inferior company. Your property will be damaged. The movers will arrive late on the moving day or not arrive at all. There is a lot to gain from being intentionally diligent and vigilant about picking your mover.


As you should do with everything you do, make sure to do your research before you commit to any one company. Research allows you to scrutinize the service packages as well as reviews. It allows you find out how the company conducts business as well as their experience and longevity in the business. Longevity means that the company has a reputation that they would be keen to protect. You will be in good hands with such a company. However, this is not to discredit the newer companies. They have something to prove and will be keen to impress so you could be in good hands then too. As long as you use a combination of factors to make your decision you should be able to pick the right company.

You should get recommendations as part of your research. The recommendations should include personal ones from people you know as well as online reviews. Social media is a good place to get reviews. You should also ensure to get a licensed company. Research will also help you develop a list of qualities you prefer in a mover.


Do not go for the first company you research. Look at several. A comparison of companies ensures that you remain aware of the different deals you could get. This way your decision will be better informed. First compare the prices. Which company seems to be charging less for their services? Next compare the service packages. Some companies will charge less but only offer the bare minimum. Others will charge more but include services like packing and unpacking. The idea is to determine the value of each service package. To see which company offers more value in terms of good quality service and affordability.

You should also compare reviews, recommendations and the companies’ experiences in the industry. One company could have been around for longer but not have very favorable reviews. A newer company could have glowing reviews despite its youth in the industry. Keep an open mind. You should also compare availability. Some companies will reject specific days for being booked or some sort of corporate policy. Speaking of which, you should determine which company is more willing to fit into your schedule as opposed to you conforming to theirs. Service providers in Nairobi will pounce on you at the slightest hint of desperation.


The price of services is a big part of choosing a moving company. Some actually choose the company they engage based solely on the price of their services. This is very misguided as it does not factor in the quality of said services. Expensive rate cards do not guarantee good quality service. Low price could be a sign of compromise on an important element that will determine your experience as a client.

Most companies will provide a quote on request. There are different ways in which the rate is calculated. It may be based on hours spent on the work as well as the distance travelled. You must find out how the rate is calculated. This will inform how you plan your moving day. It may also warrant an alternative as opposed to a moving company. Ensure to ask about the possibility of extra charges. Some companies will charge extra for waiting once they arrive. Others will charge extra if the destination is not easily accessible. Others will offer services like packing and unpacking at an extra fee. In some cases, you will be charged based on the amount of things the movers have to haul.

Therefore, ensure to ask if the company will send someone over to inspect your property for a better estimate of the price. Most of the reputable companies will ask to send someone over automatically.


When is it convenient for the company to send someone over to inspect your stuff? This one should be easy since there is a lot less logistical preparedness required. The inspection should take a couple of hours unless you live in a mansion with tonnes of stuff.

 When is it convenient for you to move? When is the company available to move you? If the answer to these two questions is not the same then there will be a problem. If you can manage a weekday, that would be better. This is because most people are at work in midmorning and there will not be too much traffic to contend with. There will also be a very high chance of availability for the company since very few people think to move on a weekday. You should however stay away from public holidays regardless of their placement in the week. You should also avoid weekends with big events like football matches or political rallies. These create traffic among other inconveniences.

Picking a moving company is very much a common sense task. You do not have to know which qualities you desire before hand but you will develop a sense of it the more research you do on companies. Be careful not to look at so many companies that you become overwhelmed with information and are unable to choose. Good luck!