It is the Kenyan way to get a few of your friends to haul boxes into a car when you need to move house. Others opt to tip the caretaker and have him carry the boxes. Very few people automatically think about getting a moving company when the time comes. At least not until a few years ago. Now there are companies in Nairobi that come in and pack everything up for you then unpack at the new house. There are benefits and demerits to either. Your preference might be favors from friends or it could be getting a moving company. Below is a comparison of both options.

Moving Company


The company employs professionals. They will do a good job without expecting that you will do them a favor in the near future. A professional job means very little damage or loss. It also means quick and clean. There will not be unnecessary stops for banter or reminiscing in the course of the day. They will be in and out in record time. In fact if you would like to keep your time as you planed, it is better to get a moving company. They will be motivated to circumvent any mishaps that may arise on moving day for that fee.


The moving company also comes with loads of experience. They will know how to maneuver huge couches through small door ways. They will know how to get heavy electronics like ovens and fridges downstairs without damage or injury to anyone. All they have to do is take a look at the situation and they will come up with a plan. They will also know how to pack everything in such a way that optimizes space and also keeps everything safe. If you do it on your own you could cause harm to your own property.


The moving companies also come with whatever may be needed to move things quickly and efficiently. In some cases, furniture may require a rope so that there is no need to go up the stairs. This is especially true if you are to or from the fifth floor of a building. Have you ever tried to carry a couch up five flights of stairs? You will never walk with a straight spine ever again.

The moving company will also provide people to carry things to and from the truck. The company might or might not include unpacking in the service but surely once everything is inside the door, you will be fine.


If you go for a reputable moving company, chances are that they have insurance. The insurance is meant to repair damage or replace lost items. Loss here means that they did not fasten something properly and it fell off the truck. However, if you choose a service for how cheap it is as opposed to the capabilities of the company then you might not get repaid for damage or loss.

Any Day

You can hire a moving company to help you any day of the week. The company will not tell you that it has to work or attend their grandmother’s birthday. As long as you are paying they will show up. If the company will not make it, they will at least give you notice on time for you t make alternative plans. A friend will call you on the morning of to cancel.

Using Friends


This is obviously first on the list of benefits of using friends. You do not have to pay your friends a fee for helping you move. If you are unable to find a friend with a car big enough to carry your stuff then the transport might be your only expense. You will also be required to repay the favor though. Not because your friends will demand it but because it is only polite. It is also polite to provide lunch and some drinks fro your friends. This is meant as a token of your appreciation. Surely food and some drinks will be cheaper than the standard fee you would pay a moving company. You do not need that many friends so the food will not cost too much.


If there delays a moving company will either leave you to figure out alternative arrangements. This can be very inconvenient and at times impossible thus warranting derailment until the next day. The company might also decide to charge you instead for spending more time than you should have which will be additional expense to an already costly process.

Friends on the other hand will remain patient, maybe demand drinks while they wait but they will be patient either way. They will have reserved the day to help you so it will not matter if you leave at 10 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon. The friends might also help you unpack when you get to the new house. They will do this at no extra cost too. It will be a regular hang out among friends.


Friends do not have insurance. They also care about you and the things you care about. It is expected that your friends will take as much care of your property as you would yourself. If you trust your friends implicitly, as you should, you will not be on edge afraid that your things will be damaged beyond repair.


With your friends carrying things, it is sure to be a lively day. You will laugh and make jokes. Moving will be fun for you and it is almost never fun for anyone.

Not everyone has friends who would be willing or even able to take a full day to help them move. Not every one can afford to hire movers either. In this case, you have to plan your moving day early in advance. Find people who will help carry things to the truck for a small fee. Even a single casual would suffice. It would definitely be cheaper than the moving company. You would however need to be more vigilant to ensure things do not get damaged. Master the art of moving painlessly.