Only those who do not know Nairobi very well will not see the attraction of spending the holidays here. There is a lot a person can do here over the holidays. There are numerous entertainment spots always buzzing with activity and laden with interesting events. There is wildlife to see at the Nairobi National Park, animal orphanages among other places. There are museums and a bustling theatre scene to be part of. If you do not have a friend who can host you then you could always find a holiday rental.

There are several factors to consider when looking for a holiday rental. You should first think about the kind of holiday you are hoping to have. Do you want to simply laze around with the occasional night out in Nairobi? Do you want to experience Nairobi with all it has to offer and in its true colors? What is your budget? How well do you know the city? What amenities would you like to be in proximity to? Are you vacationing alone or with family? It is important to find a place that will fit your plans for the holidays as well as serve you appropriately. You might also want to consider going to a hotel instead. The idea is to weigh your options. Below are a few neighborhoods to consider.


This is less than a twenty-minute drive from town. It is also a few minutes to Westlands. It is quiet and calm. It is accessible by public transport. It is fairly secure. You can access many entertainment spots from this neighborhood. You can also get to the museum within a few minutes from this place. This is to say that perhaps a lot of your vacation spending money will not go towards transport unless of course, you decide to visit far off places every day. With the population of the area as well as its proximity to the CBD, you should almost always be able to summon a taxi in less than ten minutes.

  • Kilimani

This is perhaps one of the most popular neighborhoods for vacation rentals in Nairobi. There are many options for holiday renting to choose from in this particular neighborhood. Its popularity is probably due to its ease of access to many other neighborhoods. You can get to Ngong Road from there. You can also get to Valley Road and Kileleshwa. To put it simply, it is a very accessible neighborhood. It is also close enough to town to be convenient as well as accessible by public transport round the clock. There is Kilimani Police Station in the neighborhood and it is also quite sufficiently populated. You will feel and be safe. There are several malls and amenities to enjoy in the area. The hood is mostly quiet unless you pick a place that is right next to the road.


This is another popular neighborhood for vacationers. It is in the same general locale as the above two. The difference is that while the above two are mostly apartments, this area has houses for holiday renting. You can get a property with a compound probably in a gated community. If you are vacationing with your family this would be a good option. You could host some friends as well as have your privacy while you are here. Public transport access depends on which part of Kileleshwa you choose. If the place is close to the main road then you will be able to use public transport. It is fairly secure because of the many gated communities. It is also very quiet and serene.


This is known mostly for commercial properties. There are some residential properties in the hood with wonderful views of the sunset. They are tucked in a  quiet corner of Upperhill. There is no public transport access. However, due to proximity to the city center and easy access the cab fare will not run too high. You will have to go a little far for a supermarket or a mall. It is relatively safe as most of the buildings are manned by security guards. If you are looking for a quiet time with books and long walks kind of holiday then this will be a nice place for you.


This is probably as far from the city center as you can get in terms of holiday rentals. You can go further but you would have to settle for a hotel. However, during the festive season traffic is not something to worry about too much. It should take under an hour to get to town. There is quite a bit of easy accessibility by public transport. It is an affluent neighborhood with mostly houses and only a few apartments available for holiday renting. This is yet another quiet neighborhood. It is close to the Bomas of Kenya and the Giraffe Centre. From here you will also have easy access to the numerous attractions of Ngong Hills. The holiday rentals in this area are quite high end and might be pricier than most places.


This neighborhood is favored by people who are here for a partying kind of holiday. There are too many entertainment spots and restaurants to count. Holiday rental options also vary in terms of affordability. You can find an Airbnb for about 2,000 shillings a day or a furnished apartment for 75,000 shillings for the month. The neighborhood is close to town and fairly accessible by public transport. Only a few areas of the hood cannot be reached by public transport. As is common with most high-income neighborhoods, this area is safe. This is except for a few places.


This is another affordable neighborhood. It is roughly the same distance from town as Westlands is. It may be a little less quiet during the holidays but that will depend on where your rental will be located. The neighborhood does not have as many entertainment spots as Westlands does. This hood will be suitable for the kind of vacationer who likes to be away from the noise but still likes to feel the vibration of the excitement. Public transport is pretty reliable in this area too. The streets might be a little confusing though if it is your first time.  Google maps will be very helpful though.


This is a very high-end neighborhood. You can expect to fork out a pretty penny for a vacation rental in this hood. However, you are assured serenity and safety. The security is attributed to the proximity to the Blue Zone as well as several embassies in the hood. If you are a foreigner, you will not have to worry about being gawked at or noticed for the color of your skin either. This area is popular among foreigners, you will not be an anomaly. From here you will have access to Thika Road and the numerous entertainment spots along that highway.


This is a little further down the road from Runda. It is like the cheaper version of Runda. The ‘fake it till you Runda’ it kind of place. It is not run down or anything. It is just home to more affordable rental options. In Ruaka, you are bound to have a more authentic Kenyan holiday with lots of ‘nyama choma’ and the standard Kenyan holiday excitement. You will not have a quiet holiday here. However, you will get to experience a true Nairobi Christmas. It will also be quite affordable. Ruaka is quite safe.

South B

Most like renting their holiday accommodations in this area because it is close to the airport. It also close to the National Park and Central Business District. The holiday rentals in this area are on the lower end of the spectrum with very affordable Airbnb options and homestays. The choices are varied with both apartments and houses. The options for holiday rentals are few but the few that are available are worth trying out. Whether you get a quiet holiday will be dependent on where you decide to stay. Matatu service runs through the night so if you choose to stay close to the shopping center, you will have to contend with that through the night.


Airbnb has become quite popular in Fedha and Nyayo estate. Many people are opting to rent out to short-stay tenants as opposed to the monthly ones because it is more lucrative. It is a preferable place to rent because it is more affordable than most Nairobi Airbnb options but also quite safe. This place is not close to town but matatu service is round the clock and reliable.


If you are looking for a country holiday then Syokimau is the place for you. It is completely removed from the noise of the city and there is that fresh country air. You might be constantly reminded of home by the landing airplanes if you are a foreigner but it will be worth it. Holiday rentals in this hood may be hard to come by. You might have to resort to homestay referrals.

If you vacation in Nairobi, you must stay here to get the full effect and experience of the city. Your nights will be colored with holiday joy and your days will be marked with bursts of color. Happy holidays!