Westlands and its environs is such a busy place. It homes some of the most exclusive entertainment joints in Nairobi. You may access some good succulent nyama choma and rhumba quite easily. Some of the most affluent neighborhoods are also quite close to Westlands. As a person who still has not found their legs yet, you might find it motivating to be close to such a place.


Not to stir the pot but Westands and Waiyaki way being so close to the rich and richer, the security is tight. Police response to the rare emergencies is prompt. That means that more often than not, you will be safe in any one of the hoods along Waiyaki way. Traffic on Waiyaki way is not nonexistent. However, it is not severely problematic either. You a get to town in under twenty minutes if there is no traffic. You will thank your lucky stars when you have to use a ca at night, it will be quite affordable. Fare at peak times is also quite low at 50 shillings.


If you are a student living in any one of the below named places or its environs, then you are exposed to a different kind of life with more opportunities. For example, Spielworks films some of their programs some place near Michael Joseph Centre. They take casuals to work as extras for about 500 shillings a day. This is just one among other hustles that you probably would not know about if you did not explore Waiyaki way.


Most houses along Waiyaki way are quite spacious regardless of the status of the hood. You may get a bedsitter so big that it would put a one bedroom for space. Water shortages are not rampant. Most buildings have water round the clock or at least most of the time. If you happen to have a work car or one of your own, then most buildings have sufficient parking for the residents.

Here are some of the affordable hoods along Waiyaki way.


Rent for houses along Waiyaki tends to be fairly the same regardless of the place with only a few exceptions. You will also find that the rent goes lower the further you get from the main road. Kangemi is the closest to town on this list. You may find a one bedroom house for about 7,000 shillings and a bedsitter for 5,000 shillings. To start you may begin with the area around Kangemi Primary then move on from there. You could also look online. Many real estate agencies have online presence now and you may easily find some prospects that way. Do not be afraid to go as far as Thiong’o, the erea has some promise.

  • Kabete

Nairobi University students tend to favor Lower Kabete quite a bit. It is close to the campus but still has some affordable renting choices. As mentioned before, renting in Nairobi is about finding the balance between affordable rent and minimal commuting. Kabete offers this in very appropriate proportions. The rent for a one bedroom may go for 10,000 shillings while that for a bedsitter may go for 6,000 shillings. You may start your search in the area around ILRI and even venture into Uthiru.

  • Kinoo

This is next in line along Waiyaki way. Most people like Kinoo for the advantage of being close enough to the city center but far enough for the rent and cost of living to be tolerable. You may get fresh vegetables and meat and good prices. A bedsitter may be 7,000 shillings at most right by the side of the road. If you venture inwards a little bit, you may get something less than that by up to 2,000 shillings. A one bedroom may go for about 10,000 shillings. The same principle of proximity to the road applies.

  • Kikuyu

This is a little further along Waiyaki which is also another favorite for students. Here a one bedroom may go for as low as 8,000 shillings. You may also get a bedsitter for as low as 4,000 shillings depending on proximity to the highway. Fare at peak times is between 50 and 80 shillings. Waiyaki way gets matatu service up to late at night if not round the clock.

You may work anywhere from Upperhill to Kilimani and town. It is pretty easy to commute to these places without having to go through town. Come to think of it, very few places have the kind of commuter ease that Waiyaki way has. In most places, you would have to go through town first before proceeding anywhere else.

  • Alternative Arrangements

Another great thing about Waiyaki way is that there are many other alternatives that are not the traditional flat rentals. You could get a one bedroom or bedsitter extension or guest wing. The benefit of this is more security and a lot less crowing. You may also develop a rapport with the landlord and the rent is usually negotiable. Some landlords just like to have someone on the premises because they travel too much. Reasons for renting out the guest wing or extension vary and these reasons will often determine how negotiable the rent is. Depending on the neighborhood you look in, you may rent a one bedroom guest house for as much as 15,000 shillings. Before you go this route though, do a lot of research and ensure you are not putting yourself in danger.

Living along Waiyaki way may expose you to so much. It may be affordable and you can scale up without leaving your hood. There are also many choices for renting so do not settle for less than you like. That rental house is going top be your home in Nairobi. The place where you strip off your façade and dream. Hope you find what you are looking for.