There comes a time in life when you have to change houses. In some cases, there are clear reasons so the decision to move becomes easier. However, in some cases you might not be sure. The house you rent tends to grow on you. You tend to get comfortable in whichever part of Nairobi you live in. It is only natural to have some anxiety about having to move to a new house.

You will wonder if you will be happy in the new house. You will wonder if you will find a good ‘mtura’ guy in the new neighborhood. There is so much you will want to take from your current house and neighborhood regardless of your reason for needing to leave. Below are some of the reasons that will determine whether or not you need to move.


You might simply need more space. Maybe you had a child. Maybe you got married. Maybe some relatives moved in with you. If you need more space, that is not something you can change. It is not like the landlord can expand the house for you and make that problem go away. In this case then you need to find a place that caters better to your needs.

Another good reason to get a more spacious house is a change ion status. You are earning more or you have grown up. Surely you cannot still live in the bedsitter you lived in when you were 21 at 35. It is okay to want to match your space to your higher position on the professional hierarchy.


Does it seem like your commute has gotten longer? Does it feel like you have dealt with a hectic commute for long enough? Has your commute gotten more difficult due to issues like road construction among others? In that case, you have a legitimate reason to move. Long tedious commutes make you unhappy and even unhealthy. Imagine all that anxiety at running late for work every morning. It would be better to move and avoid all the hassle.

Support system

Has something major happened in your life recently? Do you feel the need to be closer to your family and friends? Even without the big event, sometimes you just feel the need to have a support system. Life is not something you can do stag, you need your people. All in all, needing to be closer to family is definitely a good reason to leave and move closer to them. Everyone needs their anchors.


Happiness is probably the most important reason on here. It is also probably the hardest one to decipher. There are some obvious factors that tell you that you are not happy with your current renting situation. Maybe your landlord is annoying you. Maybe the utilities situation has become untenable. Maybe the neighborhood has become terribly unsafe. Maybe the house is falling apart around you and the concerned parties are looking the other way.

Maybe it is none of these things. Maybe you just do not feel like that house is home anymore. It does not feel like a sanctuary anymore. In this case, you should also ask yourself if finding a new place is the solution. Anyway, if you are really convinced that moving house is the best option then by all means do it.


Sometimes even without looking, better opportunities just fall in your lap. This is just how the universe works. That means that you could be walking around one day or out visiting a friend and you just, by sheer chance, bump into the house of your dreams. The house that has all those things you compromised on when you chose to rent out the current place. Nairobi has a buzzing and vibrant real estate mood, this is not a far fetched idea. The lesson here is, always be on the look out. Never stop seeing better rental opportunities.


Whatever your reason for needing to move, you also need to ask some practical questions. The reasons above determine whether you should move. These questions will really determine whether you can move.

  • Is it practical?

You might have great reasons for wanting to move but really, is it worth it? Is it practical to move at this particular time? Could it be more feasible to move a month or two down the road? Would it be more prudent to put a little more thought into it? Would it be more sensible to fix the current rental? The decision to leave a place that has been your home for a while cannot and should not be made lightly.

  • Can you afford it?

Moving house is incredibly expensive. You have to pay for transport among other moving expenses. Not to mention the possible losses in form of damaged household goods and appliances. The financial consequences of your decision need to be well understood and appreciated. Not only should you be prepared, you should also save up as well as budget.

  • Will you have time?

Moving is also very time consuming. You need to make time for house hunting. You need to make time for preparations like packing and finding transportation among other elements. Can you afford to take the time off now? Do you have enough time to handle everything before your notice period is over? Would it make more sense to wait until you can utilize some of your leave days?

There is a big difference between whether you should move and whether you can move. It is important to realize and respect this difference. That should help you make the right decision. It is advisable to withhold on giving notice until your should and can align. Happy moving!